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If you have a truck bedliner that has gotten battered from age and the elements, or if you are looking to have a liner put into your new pickup, consider Accu-coat Spray Products. We are an authorized dealer for RhinoPro™. Our protective coatings for pickup trucks safeguards your vehicle from rust, dents, and outside environmental hazards. Also, we offer liner restoration service, which renovates old bed liners back to their original color and shine. Each member of our team is ready to serve you and provide peace of mind that your truck is in good hands.

For spray on bedliners at unbeatable prices, contact us. Our services are available in Maryville, Tennessee. We are approximately 30 minutes from Knoxville, Tennessee where all the big names are waiting to corner you, don't be a victim of over pricing! We are reputable and professional, and our products are backed by a nationwide lifetime warranty.

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We sell several  products other than just the spray on liner we also have DIY coatings including Upol Raptor, Lizardskin and more for the do-it-yourselfers and even industrial or home improvement items! We offer the latest products for Truck and Jeep add on accessories. We carry some in house developed non slip step treads and rhino panels that simply screw down to make any surface safer and tougher! Be sure to check out our custom Rhino Liner Licence Plates as well, these are very cool and can be customized be changing out the colored backplates for a different look!  

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