Make Your Truck Bed Tough As Nails With a Spray In Bedliner 

Protect your truck bed with our cost-effective spray-on coating. We mask the entire vehicle, clean, and scuff the area to be sprayed then we use our High Pressure System to apply our heated material for a durable, nonskid surface. The liner is guaranteed for life or as long as you own your vehicle, don't be overcharged by the Knoxville Tennessee companies that have the market cornered, we are only 30 minutes away!

Endless Possibilities 

We can add our spray-on protective coating to residential, commercial, and tons of accessories for Jeeps, ATV's etc.. -  endless possibilities!!

Xtremium UV Protection

You can also receive extra UV protection, which is applied during the secondary process. This is a great way to protect your investment while gaining resale value.

Color Liner and Xtremium UV Protection

We offer 12 standard color options in addition to black. We also offer a secondary UV protective coating that can be added to any color option including black. This is applied at the end of our process and sprays directly over the liner to form a protective barrier against the suns harmful UV rays giving you years of worry free shine and stability.

Restoration Service

If your bedliner is faded or worn, our restoration service can make it look new again. Not all older versions of spray-on liners were designed to hold up to the sun and other environmental elements as most are today. We can combat this problem and bring your old liner back to life.

Liner Maintenance

We recommend that you maintain your spray-on liner every one to two years to keep it looking new. This also help extend the life of the liner.